3 Weeks Pregnant Fetal Development: What Should I do?

Picture of 3 weeks pregnant fetal development

Congratulations. The first and second week have already passed, it's been two weeks that are most prone to the fetus' safety. And now, your pregnancy has entered into 3 weeks pregnant stage. Your pregnancy and your baby began his long road to living, but to fulfill three weeks of pregnancy is barely the size of a pinhead. Its size will increase a few millimeters and weigh a little less than 1 gram.

The Implantation in 3 Weeks Pregnant

After fertilization initiates the process of cell division and the fertilized egg is now called a zygote, morula and blastocyst then, as a growing number of cells. These are scientific terms, but in the end, it's your baby. Your journey through the Fallopian tubes continues for a couple of days until it descends to the uterus.

The next step is implementation. Upon reaching the uterus, the blastocyst looking for a point to adhere to the endometrium (the layer of nutrients that lines the inside of your uterus). Once this deployment occurs, initiates the exchange of hormones. The endometrium and cervical cap thicken to protect your little one, who is now officially an embryo.

At this point your placenta adhesion will be located, responsible for nurturing the baby, give oxygen and remove the waste.

Towards the end of your third week of pregnancy, during the implementation process, you can have a slight vaginal bleeding. It differs from your menstrual period because they are usually only a few drops of light pink or light brown. A greater flow could be your menstrual period, or a warning if you have already confirmed your pregnancy (if you get this, immediately, go to your doctor).

It is still early, and you may not have clear signs yet, but you can identify some of the early signs of pregnancy (before you missing menstruation), as the increase in your basal body temperature, fatigue, and changes in appearance and tenderness of your breasts.

Pregnancy wWeek 3 Symptoms: The First Organs Begin to Form

With only 3 weeks of pregnancy, the heart is a group of muscle cells dormant and small, but which on the 22-day exploits of life. A cell shrinks spontaneously, spread to its neighbors and begins a chain reaction until all the cells of the heart begin beating. Isn't it amazing? It is as if one encouraged others to dance! These cells are programmed to control the heartbeat until the brain of the baby to take over in the coming weeks.

And now, the heart will distribute oxygen and food needed for the embryo to grow. The future baby's already late and does so with an average of 150 beats per minute. Almost twice as an adult! Anyway, you cannot hear your heartbeat approximately until week 12 and will it have to do with the Chestpiece that used doctors, specialized equipment or checks it out at the first ultrasound. Only from the 27 weeks may hear him who support in your abdomen.

How is my baby in 3 weeks pregnancy?

In 3 Weeks Pregnant Fetal Development, your fetus is one week old and is only visible under a microscope. But already it has about 150 cells that make up what is called a blastocyst. The outer layer of the blastocyst is formed below the placenta that will take care to nurture your baby.

They begin soon to emerge chorionic villi will contact your blood vessels so the baby to get your nutrients blood and oxygen and you can start to eliminate products that do not need. It also starts to join the amniotic fluid that will protect you in the coming weeks and months.

Changes in your body at 3 weeks of pregnancy

During 3 Weeks Pregnant Fetal Development, you will notice how your body is taking some slight anatomical changes to adapt to the gestation of the baby. You will feel pressure in the abdomen as well as a constant feeling of urination. It is due to the growth of the uterus. Consult your doctor if you have more questions about changes in your body in the first weeks of pregnancy. Don't panic if you continue noticing the characteristic symptoms of pregnancy.

Picture of 3 weeks pregnancy and fetal development

What Should I do in Week 3 Pregnancy?

For 3 Weeks Pregnant Fetal Development, it is important to avoid the intake of alcohol, aspirin, medicines and drugs. In case, you were receiving a medication consultation with your doctor and commendable the situation. Nor is it advisable to take large amounts of coffee because high doses of caffeine are associated with interruptions of pregnancy during the first trimester. You should also refrain from radiation like X - rays (radiographs). It is critical that you follow these tips as they are crucial to the health of the baby during the next five weeks.

You should also be careful to get your diet, regularizing overweight or the vitamin deficiency. You must also receive an adequate intake of folic acid and iron in your meals because these substances make your baby healthier. Try to take care of yourself

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