5 Ideas Cheap Vacations for Kids and Families

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Summer is the excellence season to get a trip with family. In addition to relieving stress with work, also, this is the right time to strengthen the ties between parent and child (especially dads). However, many of us are confused as to choose the right holiday location with a small budget. That's why this time we give you 5 ideas cheap vacations for kids and families, how to prepare it and where the location is.

Tips: Cheap Vacations for Kids

Still, the current crisis is felt in the tourism sector, and vacations are one of the plots whose household expenditure declines: 9.9%, as emphasized by the Household Budget Survey 2012 National Institute of Statistics.

Hidden Valley Holiday Park Rathdrum for cheap vacation for kids in Ireland imageHidden Valley Holiday Park Rathdrum for cheap vacation for kids in Ireland

The data are clear about it. While 76% of households consist of a couple without children and 75% of those with one child enjoy their trips throughout the year, four out of ten families with more than two children are left without traveling. And it is that domestic numbers are difficult to reconcile, as each additional member of the household sum: more train tickets, more beds or hotel rooms, plus breakfast, lunch or dinner, boat or plane. The account can be crazy.

So if a family with several children decides to travel and leave home for a few weeks, it is essential to organize vacations plan. Only in this way you can save costs with the kids and enjoy a few days off without losing the annual household budget. To do this and make your holiday is beautiful, then we offered cheap vacations for kids and families ideas to save the lost cost.

1. The car, the cheaper alternative with children
On family trips, the cheapest option is to go by car. In fact, this mode of transport is chosen in 70% of cases, according to data from the Institute of Tourism Studies.

The average daily spending by car is $50, 50% less than if the trip is by plane. Also, the car means savings for once in the family holiday destination as it avoids the cost of travel in other public transport for visits or planned routes. But, make sure you always use car seat recommendation for your kids.

Vacation with kids and sleep in Santos Express Trains Lodge South Africa imageVacation with kids and sleep in Santos Express Trains Lodge South Africa

2. cheaper holidays with children: fridge and thermos
Eating with the kids outside the home, at the beach bar or other restaurants is not a sagacious choice, if what is intended is to economize, as a meal for the whole family can significantly raise the cost of the summer holiday.

The most alternative effective cost is to use the fridge and thermos to organize a Fun Beach Vacation. With snacks, sandwiches, and some fruit, it is possible to improvise a pleasant and nutritious family meal. This idea can be extrapolated to a tourist day in the city, where you can take a break in any public park for lunch without losing the holiday budget.

Jumbo Stay Stockholm Hostel Sweden Holiday Vacation for Families imageJumbo Stay Stockholm Hostel Sweden Holiday Vacation for Families

3. Take everything you can from home
Wipes, diapers, milk and baby food, are some essential items on vacation with a baby. Sometimes, not to carry them on the trip are purchased at the destination. This decision is in many cases more expensive since the supply in tourist areas can be scarce, and you have to settle for the high price of these products.

In order to avoid the increase in spending during the holidays, it is advisable to purchase items in the local store, take advantage of discounts or offers and carry on luggage as far as possible.

4. Free activities for children in summer
Fill the children's leisure time during the holidays does not have to be too expensive. In the summer, some institutions scheduled free activities or economic cost summer theaters, workshops in museums and libraries, sports tournaments, etc.

Therefore, if you need cheap vacations for kids and families, it is advisable to go to the tourist office or citizen service, to learn about these alternatives leisure and incorporate them into the smaller summer agenda.

Cheap Vacation in Crocodylus Village Cape Tribulation Australia imageCheap Vacation in Crocodiles Village Cape Tribulation Australia

5. Cheap vacations for kids: family visits
A 17% of American travelers opted for the visiting family or friends during the holidays. The main advantage of this type of tourism is that the housing (one of the initial expenses in this period) has a zero cost.

But also, when traveling with children, this option is very rewarding for them, because it involves the coexistence with other kids and so the fun is almost assured. Make sure you have called them before, so they can prepare for the small party, and it will make your holiday is wonderful.

6. Travel with children in September, if the return to school permits.
Traveling during the first week of September, when children still have not started school, it can represent significant savings for families. Most hotels and tour operators considerably reduce the price of its services this month, so a 28% of families choose it and to travel.

A tip for families who decide to travel at this time is to finalize in advance all the necessary preparations for the return to school (buying books, materials, etc.), as well may leave with peace of mind that everything is ready for incorporated into the classroom, nothing back from vacation.

Holiday Vacations Dolphin Retreat Bunbury Australia imageHoliday Vacations Dolphin Retreat Bunbury Australia

7. Beware of Children free tour packages
The legend "children free" tour packages that include many or hotels in their offers is a major attraction for families traveling with children. However, this promise of course zero cost often is accompanied by a small letter that must be verified before booking.

In some cases, gratuity is reserved for children of a certain age or limited to one child. In others, it requires booking a room upgrade (and more expensive) or a minimum expenditure (half board or full board) adults.

To no surprises last minute, it is advisable to compare the final price, after checking all conditions, with alternatives to realistically choose the one that best suits the family budget.

Best Holiday Vacations Place

For parents who wish to travel with the children and spend an unforgettable holiday, and as I mentioned in above, here 5 ideas holiday locations you can get if you want to go around the world.

  1. See Dolphins at Dolphin Retreat Bunbury, Bunbury (Australia)
  2. Sleeping on train at Santos Express Train Lodge, Mossel Bay (South Africa)
  3. Sleep in the jungle at Crocodylus Village, Cape Tribulation (Australia)
  4. Sleep in a plane. Jumbo Stay, Stockholm (Sweden)
  5. A different camping at Hidden Valley Holiday Park, Rathdrum (Ireland)

To read more and get information all of the location, you can click on the image above.

These all I can give you for this time about 5 Ideas Cheap Vacations for Kids and Families, how to prepare, the tips and where the locations. If you have any ideas or experience with your summer holiday, why not to share with me?


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