8 Weeks Pregnant: Best Diet and Nutrition

Picture of 8 weeks pregnant woment diet and nutritions

We continue our tour of the Pregnancy week by week, advancing a week after seeing everything that happens in Week 7 of pregnancy. We are immersed in the second month, and we will treat the characteristics of this week 8 of pregnancy.  Arriving at 8 weeks pregnant, your baby reaches an important goal: no longer considered an embryo and fetus are now called, the name that will take the rest of your womb (until birth).

Your baby is between 0.56 and 0.80 inches (between 1.42 and 2 centimeters). At eight weeks pregnant, your baby grows at the incredible speed of one millimeter per day, and that's growing faster than the rest of your life!

The Embryo at 8 Weeks Pregnant

Now your baby starts to be more active, although their movements are still imperceptible. With the development of their limbs appears elbows, wrists and fingers start small. Remember that your baby seemed to have a tail at the end of his spine during his first weeks of gestation?

Picture of Baby development in 8 weeks pregnancy

You may feel a great curiosity about the sex of your baby. It is still early to tell if your baby is a boy or girl. However, sex is defined at the beginning of conception. An ultrasound will respond to your question if you wish around the 20th week of pregnancy. Although existing home test to find out the baby’s sex or you can just take a look at the traditional Chinese conception chart.

You are in the 8 weeks pregnant, your baby is seven weeks old and is between 13 and 19 millimeters. The embryo has intestine, liver, kidneys and lungs. His heart beats strongly and the aortic valve and appreciated. The embryonic tail that resembled other mammalian development has disappeared and is increasingly human.

Their genitals are forming internal but external have not yet been developed, so it is early to tell by ultrasound if a child.

Eyes, and ears of your baby grow and as the tip of his nose, upper lip and eyelids in sight. From week 7 pregnancy developing its unique bronchus is divided into multiple bronchioles, i.e., small airways found in the lungs.

Your baby's kidneys are already operating, which means you and your baby can urinate (and does). While in the womb, your baby wastes are released into the amniotic fluid or processed through the umbilical cord.

His genitals begin to develop, but it will be several weeks before they can be identified in an ultrasound image to know their sex. The fetus at 8 weeks pregnant has an age of 6 weeks from fertilization occurred. The length from the crown to the buttocks around 15-20 mm and the weight is around three grams. The external appearance of the embryo has been modified by the formation of the brain, liver, limbs, ears and eyes. At this point, we can say that already has characteristics that give a human aspect.

This week the arms and legs have grown longer and can distinguish areas of the feet and hands. These already have fingers, but may still be webbed. Miniature arms may be bent slightly at the elbows and wrists. In the corresponding neck part, they are forming structures ears. On the face, the eyes are far apart on the sides of the head and begin to develop the eyelids. Start to the upper lip and the tip of the nose appear. The brain, heart, and lungs continue to form. In sonograms, you can hear the heart beating regularly and vigorously.

Your Body in 8 Weeks Pregnant

Do not bring even your pregnant clothes, but maybe it’s time to loosen those skinny jeans. During the first quarter you can increase between one and five pounds in total (between 450 grams and 2.3 kilograms), and a pound a week in the second and third trimesters. Part as you increase in reserves of fat, protein and nutrients, improve breast, amniotic fluid, and fluid retention, but also increased blood flow you need in pregnancy.

While your pregnancy is not the time to worry about weight gain, yes you should try to bring a nutritious diet and stay active. Its helps the welfare of your pregnancy, take care of your physical condition during delivery and lose weight after pregnancy.

Diet and nutrition for pregnant

We have to lead a healthy diet during pregnancy, a balanced diet, reduce the consumption of energy-dense foods, maintain proper hydration and of course remove alcohol and snuff. Physical activity is also essential for a healthy pregnancy, and there are many good exercises during this stage: walking, swimming, yoga, cycling.

It all depends on our habits and tastes, if there is no contraindication or we can choose the exercises that we like, always reasonable precautions and consult a doctor. It's time to start exercising during pregnancy if you did not before. Exercise can help us find better and keep weight, relieve or prevent discomfort and can give us more energy and prepare the body for labor, increasing our degree of muscle strength and optimism. A healthy diet and physical activity continue to help keep us on the right, healthier, happier weight and avoid risks during pregnancy can also affect the baby's health. It's further developed within us.

In the first visit, you make to the doctor will weigh and assess the "pounds" that are recommended gain during pregnancy. In overweight patients gain weight will not be the same as the woman has a healthy weight. It is advised to gain between 12 and 14 kilos during pregnancy to contribute to weight gain and fetal tissues supporting the mother.

Knowing this, your diet in the 8 weeks pregnant has the rich in nutrients: iron, calcium, iodine, zinc, folic acid, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids. To get them, usually introduced into your diets legumes, vegetables, fruits, lean meats, eggs, fish, nuts, and dairy products. In any case, your doctor will prescribe some supplements to ensure intake of these nutrients throughout pregnancy.

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