9 Best Tips 3 Days Potty Training Method

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In summer, usually is the best time when many children leave the diaper. Well, it's not totally true that children leave the diaper. Rather it is the father and mother who remove it, usually as a matter of convenience (for a baby and parents) and emergency system (ex. preschool). For those parents that you are in it, or that you may be thinking whether or not to do so, today Nurse Program offer you 9 best tips 3 days potty training method and leave the diaper.

3 Days Potty Training Method

We wearing the diaper on our baby

The first thing for this 3 days potty training method, you have to remember. I highlight this to downplay the issue. Infants are born without a diaper and, based on where they are born, put them a diaper just outside the womb, or exposed something else, or nothing at all. In our area there are diapers and most make use of them for convenience, but there are places where not used because there is no, they do not want or because they cannot manage them.

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In a few country, many children go without diaper or pant for the world, defecating where they get. And in other nations around the world, parents teach them, so that the baby can be relaxed through communication: baby makes gestures to show parents that want to pee or poop and when parents give "permission" do.

By all of this, because we got used to them from the day not to get worried about their bedwetting or defecate is and who therefore must behave well. There is no need to tell children, but as parents wanted to do, it is better to comment when the kids ready to go to the toilet: "Hi son, what you have done more, no longer diapers."

If we play to make evaluations and to press with things like running the risk of sitting down ridiculed or failed. What happened if after saying you're older, you have to and leave the diaper, cannot you? And if can't to control the pee or poop and continues making him over? Are not we still confirming that a baby? And all this, what's wrong with children? Better not get into that game.

Think when children can control the pee

I know that. The moment in time where I'm giving the advice to leave the diaper. But, is that before handing them want to make clear? What are the reasons that lead us to take away the diaper from a baby? (Usually, there is the external cause. For example: Under pressure from school that begins or relatives who tell us they are older).

When I went to the analysis of two years of my son's doctor, he was shocked that bring the diaper and said to us that "two years and have to take it off." On the one, she heard me and came out the other. It is right that might control it, but it is also right that could not and neither my son was in no hurry, and neither do we (lacked year and a half to school).

At 30 months of age (2 ½ years) only 50% of infants can control the pee. At three years makes 75% of children. At 42 months (3½ years) the control 95%. That is, if someone asked me when children begin for potty training or when to take away the diaper, I would say that age "for 3½ years, which is when most can leave the diaper successfully."

You must remember that ideally they must leave the diaper

You follow what I have highlight in point 1 above, and you have to know that ideally, kids were free to get out of the diaper whenever they wanted. All children reach an age or bothers them, or bring them it seems silly diaper. Well, they come if we let them. As our intervene before they fail. But if we let them, they would take it alone. No child with eight years old wears the diaper, as any child of 8 years sleep with boob, as any eight-year-old boy asks his father take him up to calm, to give some examples. Whole "if you do, if you get used not ever to stop doing it" does not work, the children either with the diaper.

As I explain here, if the school does not put the rule to remove the diaper (I doubt it), do not be in a hurry to do if you see that the child has trouble controlling the pee and poop.

Take advantage of the summer to let them naked

Not only in summer to remove the diaper. It can be done at any time of year, but is much better now because it’s hot and they can go naked. If you take away the diaper but wear them underwear and pants, dress or skirt, they will taint whole. It's okay for the first few days, but may then become a problem, as the days pass, the parents start to get impatient and tired of walking to clean the poop everywhere (not easy to remove underpants full of poop when a child crying and moves trying to run away from you), and be done by telling them things we do not want or should we.

So worth leave home naked and do whatever they want. So take the chance to explain what they have done, how it occurred and where should they (and we clean anything).

Forget awards

Forget the rewards and punishments. Pee and poop in the potty or toilet are so because it is there. He has no mystery. The diaper used while you are not able, but if you're already able to do, have to do there. If you do not, I will not punish or scold or ridicule; this is clear, but if you do, you get a reward. Some people give candies, or some tidbit when the child does something in the potty or toilet.

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If things are done naturally without masking them prizes or gifts, as if doing so was something negative we have to embellish a prize. Kids assume better than if they begin to suspect, "perhaps to after all this to do pee and poop without a diaper is not funny, or is something wrong. If I even have to give gifts to do it! ".

Let them grow

Potty training is a maturational act, as is walking or speaking. You grow, older and can control his feces. If you do not grow or mature, it is harder. Why anyone would think of trying a 9-month-old baby leave the diaper, because it is not something we do because we teach, but they do because they are ready for it.

But maturity is not a matter only take away the diaper. Maturing is to use the glass, silverware, eat by themselves, leave the pacifier, bottle, start dressing themselves, undressing, etc., i.e., to mature is to go through the pages and gradually go leaving being a baby. We need to allow them to pass page, which is more independent because this will be easier than themselves are autonomous in the matter of diapers.

Give them options to choose

If the 3 days potty training does not motivate them or if the toilets are afraid them (some children are afraid such a big hole, with water at the bottom, which makes a lot of noise and swallows things) we can continue to use the diaper. The important thing is to control, i.e., they can say "I poop" or "I pee" and do it where they want. Maybe the potty, the toilet can be and can be, why not, a diaper. They tell us, we make it, do it and draw it. There will be time to work the "affection" to the potty or toilet.

Explicable what all this

What is the next potty training method? Obviously, we must talk about the changes, what happens from these adjustments and what we expect from them. Clarify what the pee, what is the poop, when do on the ground to call it by name (Shun, indeed, call poop things that are not), tell them if they do on the ground stain, and you have to remove and clean, and nothing happens, because we clean it, but children can do it in the toilet or potty so that easier. That next time we can notice before doing so and so we took to do so there.

If everything goes wrong, come back to put the diaper

No pressure please! You must not have it and should not have her children. You'll be considering, perhaps, that I have left a tip for 3 days potty training method, the one that says that the child must be put every a half hour on the Potty or toilet to pee or poop and do so when it does, congratulations. If you are planning this advice, get you to read the entire entry, please, because somewhere you are lost.

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That put the child when it seems to us it does not make sense. The urge to pee or poop do they have the child, not us, so we should not play with their needs, or their feelings. We must not cause the child to want or try to do something in the potty. And less if then congratulations or we give a prize. We run the risk that the child in a half day pass looking for a potty to do something and receive the prize, or we will bundle and no longer know when or wants or when you stop having them because we who decide each how long you must sit. The child has to do whatever it takes when he says you have to do something. If he does not say, because else.

If the days pass and no warning or If we don't go along or if we see that we are not getting anything, it will say "must follow, as you have begun, because sometimes take weeks and months, " otherwise, I will tell you: weeks and months will take if you are not prepared, until the finally day that I do, not having learned it, but because the day has come. To save you dozens of leaks and dozens of Pee and poop by any party, will you turn to put the diaper and later what ye turn to try. Since no one is pressing, blaming, rewarding, saying that you are already major, minor, medium, or hobbit baby and everything is done naturally, you can try as many times as needed.

Sometimes, you have to get 3 days potty training boot camp. But, to make it easy, try to get a beautiful potty for children. Or you can decorate bathroom to make it better for children.  We knew that baby love the colorful for their room, so it's okay when they got them in the children's toilet room. I will write it in next day, how to decor the toilet for baby.

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