Baby Fetal Development 5 Weeks Pregnancy

Picture of 5 Weeks Pregnancy Baby Fetal Development

Despite his young age, the Baby Fetal Development 5 Weeks Pregnancy begins the process of formation of vital organs such as the heart, spinal cord, muscles, bones and circulatory system. Your child is 0.05 inches (1.27 mm). His head is the largest part of your body and still not have limbs, so their appearance is often compared to that of a tadpole. The placenta, responsible for nurturing your baby, provide oxygen and remove waste begins to form, like an umbilical cord.

Your pregnancy has started by the fusion of an egg and sperm, each with its DNA. Such attachment forms a series of 46 chromosomes that determine all hereditary characteristics of the baby: sex, physique, hair, eye color, skin color, features of his face and some personality traits. DNA determines its development during the 40 weeks of pregnancy and throughout his life.

5 Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Some women do not perceive signs of pregnancy and only discovered by the delay of the rule. However, there are a number of symptoms that you should be careful if you want to identify a possible pregnancy: nausea and vomiting, fatigue, especially when you wake up in the morning, increase the volume of breasts, more urination, because the growing uterus puts pressure on the bladder, pressure in the pelvis and hip, sense of smell more developed than usual and cravings.

It will be several weeks before your pregnancy is visible, but you can give away your symptoms. These are some of the first symptoms of pregnancy:

  • Extreme fatigue. Being a little requires energy, and suddenly eight hours of sleep are not enough. Be very careful when driving and try to rest.
  • Changes in appearance and tenderness of your breasts. One of the first physical changes occurs in your breasts. Around five weeks pregnant, you may notice that your areolas, those dark circles the nipple, enlarge and darken. Small eruptions also appear in this area, like tiny pimples. And you will notice that your breasts look bigger and fuller, and veins around them are more visible.
  • Nausea or pains. Hormonal changes are responsible for dizziness and nausea in pregnancy. Usually, these occur during the first trimester of pregnancy and disappears around the twelfth week of gestation. They can be given at any time of the day and are usually accompanied by discomfort. In extreme cases, nausea can be called hyperemesis gravidarum and require medical attention or hospitalization.

Confirm your pregnancy

Already for the fifth week of pregnancy you have about seven days late for your menstrual period. If you think you are pregnant and do not confirm their status, take a home pregnancy test or visit the doctor. It helps eliminate anxiety, but, more importantly, to start taking care of your pregnancy and your prenatal care.

The hormones' action may also cause instability in your emotional state. You can have changes in attitude, accumulate nerves. Try to be positive because pregnancy is a single stage of your life. Try to forget fears and insecurities. And remember: if you see something out of the ordinary, please consult your doctor.

Baby Fetal Development 5 Weeks Pregnancy

At this point, the embryo is between 2 and 3 centimeters long and its shape is looking like more a baby. They are tremendous changes every day. The fetus no longer looks like a pea, now it is more a Jew, no longer has a tail and has begun to form arms and full feet with all his fingers, eyes and eyelids and an outline of the nose and tongue.

The brain is growing. In this fifth week, it is forming what is known as the neural tube, which later will become the backbone, along with the nerves and spinal cord. That is to the 5th week begins the development of the central nervous system of the baby. Although already has most of the internal organs and systems, still it has much remained to be developed.

Picture of Baby Fetal development 5 weeks pregnancy

The placenta is the life support baby with the yolk sac filled with fluid whose function is to protect the embryo. The heart is only a small tube, which currently contains the right and left cameras that were formed in just one week. You will make the first spontaneous movements.

Meanwhile, you're starting to notice changes but still are not noticeable to others; it may already see the somewhat wider waist, and you need a larger bra size. The uterus reaches the size of an eggplant and breasts begin to prepare for the future lactation.

Week 5: At the doctor

If you suspect you might be pregnant, the best you can do is go to the doctor or gynecologist to dismiss confirmation. Of course in Week 5 can make a test of selling in the pharmacy, they have a reliability of 90 to 98%. The first time that you go to the doctor, it will confirm that you are pregnant with ultrasound and develop your medical history. We will ask about past illnesses and operations, family history, health habits, etc, to have a more accurate picture of your health idea. We also inform about the doubts you have about prenatal care and give you the card or card motherhood pregnant.

You might deliver it in week 5 or a little later. The pregnant card contains important information about the course of pregnancy and the Fetal Development 5 Weeks Pregnancy. It is not always easy to understand what it contains, for its foreign words and a lot of abbreviations.

Iodine and folic acid are some of the most important for the baby's development nutrients. Your child is nourished through the umbilical cord and your will you provide vitamins and trace elements needed, so you should ensure that your diet is rich in all the nutrients needed for the baby. Folic acid is responsible for blood formation, cell division, and brain development. Therefore, you should take enough folic acid and not just when you know you're pregnant, even week 5, you should start before pregnancy.

Week 5: Avoid alcohol and Nicotine

In Week 5 or earlier by doubt and you must stop drinking alcohol, nicotine snuff and medication even prescribed (at least until you see a doctor) because you could cause problems for the development of your child. Your baby can not digest or filter alcohol and nicotine, and that, for example, can lead to an increased risk of allergies, hyperactivity, or insufficient development while still in the womb.

Since not all women immediately after the missed period can feel the physical changes that indicate they are pregnant, you may feel strange or different until several weeks later. Some women experience implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus, with slight bleeding, which can be confused with menstruation, others still in week 5 do not notice they are pregnant. You may do not feel pregnant, but you are.

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