Best Toys for 6-12 Months Old Babies

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We knew that there were many types of Best Toys for 6-12 months Old babies. But, which are the safe toys? Can it help our children to improve their skill? So, in this time, we will choose them. In the second half of the first year of life, newborns begin to explore the world around them and become conscious of their physical possibilities. For more toys they have, what it will be more fun crawling around the house and, later, learn to stand on two legs. But the most appropriate toys for this stage are those that encourage and attract attention.

One of the best fun games for a toddler after crawling an object is to roll a brightly colored ball, a little car or a roller. As the baby crawling and pressing it will pursue him. Another this great activity is to see how the law of gravity works. They love dropping down the toys from the seat or the stroller, but they fun when you collect them and return them to return to do the same.

Best Toys for 6-12 Months Old

In reaching its first half year of life, in general, the baby handles ever more accurately the movement of his hands and his whole body which will allow you to grasp objects firmly. The baby between 6 and 12 months also begins to recognize voices and some simple words, so soon we affirm or deny hear when we talk or call dad or mom.


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Also, it is the level where they experience a first independence and autonomy, so it would be strange that the baby tries to use some other object or toy to stand. Therefore, you will love those Cart Toys' type that gives this chance. Because of this same impulse soon the baby can crawl and move objects to reach by himself. It is, therefore, necessary to create play spaces that encourage you. Don't worry; we will give you the ideas to how decor the baby nursery room and playground in next day.

Always better to share the playground with their father and mother or failing with an adult. According to experts, this is the only method to get more out of toys. An adult who presents them attractively and shares surprises with him is favorable for their emotional development and safe enjoyment for our baby.

4 Types of Baby's Toys for 6 to 12 Months


  1. Toys to improve the baby's Psychometric development

Also suitable are other toys with sound and movement as boxes, carousels carpets musical and easy to operate with a simple touch, because the child can manipulate with ease. For this, the toy should have a weight and dimensions tailored to their hands. Also, it must fulfill a fundamental condition: be tough, because the baby will experience with knocking him to the ground, stretching or doing collide.

  1. Toys to encourage the baby crawling

To encourage crawling and other displacements are suitable baby toys like balls, strollers or other mobile or rolling toys and dolls that move slowly. They will help you grow a healthy desire to explore their environment and their movement, dragging and grasping objects of different shapes, sizes, and weights.

  1. Manipulative toys and start to recognize

Some simple games, dolls stagger, water toys and mirrors toy (Unbreakable), large enough to see reflected his face, lace are equally suitable to stimulate the baby between 6 and 12 months.

  1. Baby's Toys to stimulate sight and hearing

Other toys movement as mobile with hanging fabric, wood or plastic to hang in the room or lamps reflecting colored lights and shapes also make you enjoy children between 6 and 12 months due to the contrast of colors or accompaniment musical. Also, they also stimulate their sight and hearing.

During this period (6-12 months), the child begins to express a desire for autonomy through continued efforts to get up, move, grab and manipulate objects. Parents can instill confidence baby stimulating creating a space game and safe and, above all, implicating in their games.

Also, they discovered musical toys and tested the mechanism of cause and effect; They realize that by pressing a key or playing the drum, a sound is produced. The ideal toys that make you feel this power as those who do something when a button is pressed, a lever is moved or pulled a cord. Although they seem smaller than books, there are some toys with plastic sheets (the cardboard they can chew) with those who enjoy seeing the drawings and turning the pages. There are also some die - cut fabric, mirrors, wheels to rotate, textures and other activities that are very suitable for babies.

They begin to understand the concept of inside-out, full-empty, so you will like the typical cubes that fit one inside the other and also stacked and empty boxes or bags and refilled them. Although they need your help, they are "fun rings" that have to provide a base. These all 4 Best Toys for 6-12 Months Old for girl and boy that you can choose. Or, do you have any experience.? Can you share with me?

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