Car Seat Rear facing Recommendations by Age

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Do you know that traffic accidents are the cause of the death of a toddler top rated? 46 percent of the infants who died in the traffic accident does not use any child's constraint system. Therefore, before starting the journey should take preventive measures, such as the fact correctly permits space for the little one. One of the ways of prevention is to use Car Seat. So, what is Car Seat Rear facing Recommendations by age?

Car Seat for Children

The American Association of Pediatrics says death on the street, as the top rated cause of mortality in kids four years, the second in less than two years and the fourth in infants one year. The evolution of child road safety over the last twenty years (1990-2009), is encouraging because for the 1st time the number of children (0-14 years) died as a result of traffic accidents has been decreased, specifically, 80% less. One of the reasons that triggered this decline is the use of safety seats in the car. But, there is still a scary number of children who don't use the security systems required for protection in the car.

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Many pediatricians warn that two out of three children touring in cars without complying with the essential standards safety. It is clear that taking children in child safety seats in cars is crucial to saving lives. The numbers show that. If the child safety devices in cars could be used to stop three out of four dead and nine out of ten injuries.

Car Seat Age Requirements

Infants are the most vulnerable passengers inside the car. Therefore, it is crucial seats and the use of safety seats adapted to their height and weight. If children are subject drive correctly, the risk of suffering an injury to small bumps or extreme accidents is reduced. Experts call that children are in individual chairs until they are 12 years old. The back seat is the safest place for a child. However, other major mistakes when transporting a baby in the car is to bring in arms. Never carry children under her up in the front seat. A child without proper support is five times the chances of suffering fatal injuries.

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Car Seat Guidelines

According to the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT), children should sit in place and with the right chair. Must be accommodated in the car in a certain way according to their weight.

  • Babies up to 10 kg (about 9 months) should go shopping baskets with safety harnesses, placed in opposite sense and the rear seat, if possible in the middle. This reduces the risk of whiplash injuries in frontal impacts and increases safety in side impacts.  The chairs in which the child is protected and covered almost entirely within the structure but the body is not particularly subject. Therefore, these chairs should be placed in the opposite sense, with the child looking back and everything well tied with the seat belt does not move.
  • Children between 9-18 kg (9 months to 3 years old) should be in placed in the opposite sense and seat chairs rear (best center).  These chairs can be positioned facing forward, anchored with the three-point belt or directly to the chassis and have separate harnesses to hold the body. Also at the top, they have an "ears" to hold the child's head.
  • Children between 15 and 25 kg (3 to 6 years old) should be in booster seats with back or compatible chairs with safety belt drive. For clamping are used the three-point belt which, after passing through a lodging guide in the structure of the chair, and would
  • Children from 22 to 36 kg (6 to 12 years old) should be in booster seats flexible in height to achieve a good fit of the belt over the collarbone. They may be only a booster cushion that puts children a little higher or a booster cushion with backrest (sometimes removable). In either case, the belt will have to hold up to the collarbone and hip. Group 3 chairs can be used interchangeably in the front seats and the rear.

Above 135 centimeters tall, children can stop using lifters, as long as the upper belt does not hold them collarbone. In that case, they should continue to use a booster cushion.

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Proper the Car Seat Installation

Modern cars usually have car seats where they can ensure their child safety seats. Older models often require the use of fasteners or other adaptations. Read the instructions included with the safety seat your child as well as those in your car before starting the installation. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Never place the chair in the front seat of the car: before a possible accident, the airbags installed in the car are dangerous for children.
  • Always make sure the car seat belt pass correctly through the seat and see and hear the sound of the lock when it is assured.
  • If you are using a three-point belt for waist and shoulder belts should guide both through the seat.
  • If your seat belts have an automatic locking mechanism, be sure to stretch the shoulder belt until fully extended to automatic mode snap, and then allow the belt to roll up.
  • Once a seat belt, pulling the seat check in several directions to make sure it is secure and has not been loose.
  • Each time you use the car seat checks it before placing the baby, to make sure it is securely in place (the seat should not move side to side or toward the front). It will provide further pressing the seat down while standing in place. If you have problems installing the seat or are unsure if you are installing correctly, call the manufacturer of your vehicle for assistance. Even when not the child in the child seat, make sure it securely so that it does not become a projectile in the event of a sudden stop or crash.

Warning...! Don’t wait the car seat expiration date, If the chair has been in a car during an accident, replace!

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What is the Safest Place in the Car?

Half of the back seat is, according to statistics, the safest car place (front and side seats are more vulnerable in a crash) and usually has a waist belt (which is easier to use to install a child seat with a shoulder strap or belt combined). If you take only one child in the car, half the back seat is the best place for the chair unless the child is in a booster seat requiring seat belt use combined security. On the other hand, the front seat passenger is the most dangerous place car and is even more dangerous for young children when the car is equipped with an airbag for the front passenger seat.

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Therefore, whenever you possibly can, children under 13 sit in the back of the car. If a child is old enough to ride facing the front have to travel seated in the front seat (when the entire rear seat space is occupied with other children), it is essential that the seat upright is placed and is as that can be removed from the board. The child must be properly secured according to their size and age, and should not be allowed to lean forward. Under no circumstances should you travel a baby in a car seat looking back in the front seat of a car is equipped with air bag. The strength of this on inflation could cause serious injury.

So, if you want to go shopping, traveling or come to the 1st year birthday party of your friend, make sure to always use Car Seat Rear facing Recommendations by Age for your lovely baby. And keep always their safety.

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